Patents & Intellectual Property

We have filed a broad portfolio of new patent applications to protect our intellectual property.

Our success will depend in part on our ability to protect our existing product candidate and the products we acquire or license by obtaining and maintaining a strong proprietary position. To develop and maintain our position, we intend to continue relying upon patent protection, orphan drug status, Hatch-Waxman exclusivity, trade secrets, know-how, continuing technological innovations and licensing opportunities.

We have filed patent applications covering VAL-083 where we have claimed the use of and improvements related to VAL-083 and other novel aspects of our proposed treatment regimen, manufacturing process improvements and the formulation and composition of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and finished dosage form of VAL-083 products. We are prosecuting our patent applications in the United States and in international jurisdictions which we deem important for the potential commercial success of VAL-083.