About Us

Canadian Pharmacy is dedicated to the development of novel cancer therapies for patients who are failing or resistant to current treatment regimens. Delmar has teamed up with outstanding academic and clinical research institutions from around the world to support the development of our novel cancer therapies.

Our Mission & Values

Guiding Principles for All of Our Actions

Our work is devoted to improving the life of patients and their families. Our values are the guiding principles that inform each decision and step we take. Our main focus is the patients and their families. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and their quality of life. We research and develop cancer therapies that meet the highest standards of quality and scientific excellence. This is how we fight cancer. Excellence is committed from our team, and scientific and clinical collaborators.

Ethics and Transparency

We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We are transparent and inclusive in our communications with stakeholders.

Respect for People

Everyone at Canadian Pharmacy is working to build an environment of mutual honesty, respect, cooperation and inclusiveness.


We feel a sense of belonging to a world community. And locally, we are responsible and committed to the community where we live and work.

A Pipeline of Breakthrough Cancer Therapeutics

Our lead product candidate, VAL-083, is a first-in-class small molecule DNA-targeting agent that exhibits a novel mechanism of action that results in DNA double strand breaks and cancer cell death. Published pre-clinical and clinical data suggest that VAL-083 may be active against a range of tumor types.

VAL-083’s indications include:

  • Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Pediatric CNS Tumors

Current Clinical Trials

We are currently conducting clinical trials for our “first-in-class” small-molecule DNA-targeting agent, VAL-083. Because the mechanism of action for VAL-083 is unique, we offer new hope for patients where other treatments may not be effective.

Our Platform Strategy:

Unleashing the Potential of Biology

Our platform strategy is built on a robust understanding of cancer biology. We use modern approaches in our laboratory studies to determine where we can solve problems in the treatment of drug and immune resistant cancer.

Our team has identified niches in the continuum of care where our therapeutic may address an unmet need. By showing that our treatments are active where others fail, we can implement clinical studies to demonstrate that our therapies may have the ability to improve patient outcomes.

Partnering with Respected Research Centers Around the Globe

Our collaborations with leading academic institutions plays an important role in our approach to advancing research and development. Find out more about how we work with top institutions across the world.

Backed by Years of Experience

Our strong leadership team at Canadian Pharmacy possess a wealth of expertise in the fields of drug discovery and development and translational cancer biology. The team brings a proven track record of successful product development and commercialization.

Join a Team That’s Making a Difference

Our mission is larger than a single drug or cancer indication. At Canadian Pharmacy, we are changing the game by advancing therapeutics that have demonstrated anti-cancer activity where other treatments may not be effective. Our people are the source of our success.