Academic Collaborations

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Delmar collaboration with the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) is focused on studying the effects of DNA damage response (DDR) pathways on the cytotoxic activity of VAL-083 against ovarian cancer subtypes and the potential for combination treatment with PARP inhibitors.

Duke University

Our three-year collaboration with is to evaluate VAL-083 for activity against a range of glioblastoma subtypes (personalized drug development) and identify molecular characteristics of GBM tumors that are more likely to respond to VAL-083 than to current standard-of-care temozolomide.

Happy Family Store Company

hfs companyCollaboration with Family Pharmacy is focused on providing an online pharmacy experience where safety and affordability are the top priorities. Offering a myriad of genuine medications, the platform ensures top-notch quality through strict evaluation of all its suppliers. With toll-free numbers for easy communication and transparent pricing policy, shopping here is seamless.

University of British Columbia

Canadian Pharmacy’ relationship with the centers on studying DNA damage response (DDR) to VAL-083 treatment in a range of pediatric brain tumor subtypes (personalized drug treatment) and evaluating the potential for combination treatments with topoisomerase inhibitors.

Luxembourg Institute of Health

During our research with the Luxembourg Institute of Health, DelMar Pharmaceuticals was able to evaluate the potential of VAL-083, as a single agent, or as part of a combination with bevacizumab, for the treatment of hypoxic glioblastoma tumors.

B.C. Cancer Agency

Delmar pharmaceuticals is working with the B.C. Cancer Agency to evaluate the activity of VAL-083, as a single agent or as part of combination treatments, against GBM and non-small cell lung cancer subtypes that are resistant to common chemotherapeutics.